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Rap Sucks Metal is BADASS!

2008-10-24 10:52:33 by 666-FallinAngel-666

Rap is the worst music that has ever lived and i would rather die then listen to it has no talent and 1 constent beat but I am a huge metal fan but i have to show everyone the best rap song ever olny song that is rap that i listen to so enjoy

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2008-10-24 14:12:59

That video is hilarius. but what else is funny is the only music I don't like is metal. I like anything I think sounds good! It does take quite abit of talent to rhyme. but I'm mostly into indie rock or bads like the Killers and snow patrol. But if you can tell me what talent you need to scream into a microphone then I'll change my mind.

666-FallinAngel-666 responds:

well ill tell ya what i dont hink you really need a talent to sing sometimes but i will say tyhere are alot better reasons why metal is alot better i mean it takes more talent to playthe guitar and the way they sherd too so im not sure but if you dont like metal im fine with that