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For Final Fantasy 12 FANS OLNY!!!!!!!!1

2008-12-10 16:58:18 by 666-FallinAngel-666

Okay so i am a big final fantasy 12 fan and i started playing it agian XD and im making this post fior people who like the game and need help getting the best weapon (besides restarting game and not opening sertian gay chests XD) Its call the Tronsol 2HD sword very powerful if you ask me better the Zodiac Spear ^_^ but anyways here is the video

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2008-12-10 17:36:44

Sounds geeky... lol.


2008-12-15 11:32:48

Vahn Sucks

666-FallinAngel-666 responds:

ahahaha yeah i no i no but what can they do there Japenise